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Guidance Note W2 – Work Related Stress Risk Assessments

I spent my summer committed to learning more about work related stress and what we can do to reduce the risk factors that contribute to this.  In-between trips to the seaside with my 5-year-old, I spent the other half of my time researching, digesting and on zoom calls with the Health and Safety Executive learningContinue reading “Guidance Note W2 – Work Related Stress Risk Assessments”

The blog I never thought I would be around to write….

This is the blog that if I gave it too much thought, I wouldn’t write.  If I followed societies rule’s I wouldn’t be sharing this.  I have spent hours pouring over how to phrase it and what words to use, because the subject is taboo.  So forgive me if I just dive right in andContinue reading “The blog I never thought I would be around to write….”

ABTT Theatre show Seminar sessions blog

Despite the travel disruptions the 42nd ABTT Theatre show took place at Alexandra Palace on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2022.  A key part of the shows itinerary is its vibrant and varied seminar schedule, with provocative and stimulating discussions, industry lead product demo’s, presentations and sessions lead by the many active associations weContinue reading “ABTT Theatre show Seminar sessions blog”

Mental Health & Well-being sign posting

Hi everyone.  I do hope you are all well?  For those of us that perhaps are not, who are struggling and might be in need of support I wanted to take the time to share some useful sign posting. Firstly, if you know that you aren’t doing well, that perhaps your mental health isn’t inContinue reading “Mental Health & Well-being sign posting”

Guidance note “W1” – supporting freelancers in the work place

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. A week of activities and awareness promoting mental health. For those of us with a diagnosed mental health condition it can be a bit overwhelming. So much social media and promotion on the topic can be triggering and upsetting for some. When awareness week finishes 1 in 4 peopleContinue reading “Guidance note “W1” – supporting freelancers in the work place”

Mental Health Activism….

World Mental Health Day – 10th Oct 2021 This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is. “Mental health in an unequal world” There are many “days” focussed on raising awareness of mental health.  Probably too many if I’m being honest.  Suicide prevention day, world bipolar day, mental health awareness week, university mental health dayContinue reading “Mental Health Activism….”

The vicious circle of being open about your mental health – from the perspective of a mental health patient.

Everyone is always saying to those of us that suffer with a mental health condition: “its ok to not be ok”. We should “reach out” and “it’s good to talk” – so many great catchy slogans from national mental health campaigns, all designed to promote awareness and challenge the stigma associated with mental health conditions. Continue reading “The vicious circle of being open about your mental health – from the perspective of a mental health patient.”

Learning more about storytelling and narrativization

Last week I went to the Greenhouse Theatre to watch a show.  It was performed in a pop-up venue which is currently in Canary Wharf London.  The Greenhouse Theatre is the UK’s first zero waste theatre company, and the Canary Wharf Group have supported them to bring a rep of 3 shows for free. “AsContinue reading “Learning more about storytelling and narrativization”

My vision & journey into researching mental health backstage

I am as passionate about working backstage as I am on the topic of mental health and well-being, so it stands to reason that at some point these two passions would combine.  I have spent my career backstage; be that out in a field, hiding in a basement at the Natural History Museum or inContinue reading “My vision & journey into researching mental health backstage”

First Contact – my latest practice research project on mental health

I am currently working on another creative research project with my Fuse Arts team. The inspiration for this body of work is born from my lived experience of my own mental health condition. I found that the symptoms of which were getting much worse during this pandemic period and eventually I had to enter backContinue reading “First Contact – my latest practice research project on mental health”