Hi I am Mig,

like the Russian fighter jet!

I’m Senior Teaching fellow in lighting on the Theatre Production course at the Guildford School of Acting part of the University of Surrey, and a trustee councillor of the Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT)

I have 20 years experience in live entertainment and theatre production. My passion is lighting, but I love all aspects of the creative arts sector, designing, producing and making live theatre and events is what I do best.

I am creator of Fuse Arts Collective, a not for profit design consortium dedicated to work on creative projects fusing arts with science to create innovative creative work. Artistic work that provokes discussion and promotes social change, but also gathers data and evidence in creative and visually stimulating ways. If you would like to see more of the work I have done to date please visit the Fuse Arts website for more details on my projects. I have a personal interest in projects relating to mental health and well being, and many of projects I work on have this as the theme of my work.

Guidance note “W1” – supporting freelancers in the work place

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. A week of activities and awareness promoting mental health. For those of us with a diagnosed mental health condition it can be a bit overwhelming. So much social media and promotion on the topic can be triggering and upsetting for some. When awareness week finishes 1 in 4 peopleContinue reading “Guidance note “W1” – supporting freelancers in the work place”

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